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Contact Information

Board Members: 

Ed Loynachan:  President:   641-203-5247

Brian Beaty:  Vice President:  641-203-3217

Kim Etter:  Treasurer:  641-203-5122


Baylee Head:  641-344-8474

Casey Shanks:  641-203-0596

Joe McDonough:  641-203-7587

Bailey Shelton:  641-203-2565

Jackie Gunzenhauser:  641-203-6685

Adam Schultz:  641-203-1826

Dusty Cain:  641-203-2257

Listed below are the committees our board members are involved in.  Please contact one of the members listed with appropriate committee you are needing assistance with. 

Winter Storage:  Ed Loynachan      Available November - April

Camper Storage:    Available November - April

Event Rental/Organizing:  Kim Etter

Entertainment Organizing:  

Campground:  Adam Schultz, Casey Shanks

Grounds/Building Maintenance:  Adam Schultz, Ed Loynachan

Advertising/Sponsorship:  Baylee Head 

Memorial:  Kim Etter

Queen: Kim Etter, Bailey Shelton, Baylee Head

Budget:  Jackie Gunzenhauser

Grants:  Kim Etter

We are always looking to add members to our board.  Please contact a member today if you are interested.   It's a great way to give back to the community and help the youth. 

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